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Business Intelligence Support

The web pages here provide materials to assist MSU faculty and staff with running and analyzing reports in the EBS Business Intelligence (BI) System. Click on the web page links in the left-hand column below to find FAQ, reference guides, quick guides, training materials and Educational Session materials. General information that is relevant to all or many aspects of the Business Intelligence system can be found in the right-hand column below.

The Business Intelligence system is accessible from the EBS Portal. Click the EBS Login button at the top of this website to log in using your MSU NetID and password.

BI Support Web Pages

BI Report Feedback

If you would like to submit feedback on one of the available reports, please fill out this form and send to dataservices@msu.edu. Use this form to:

  • Request additional columns or fields on an available report.
  • Provide positive or negative feedback on the current state of an available report.

Request a Report

If you would like to request an additional report not currently available, please fill out this form and send to dataservices@msu.edu.

Training Materials

Navigating Business Intelligence

This document acts as an outline or agenda for the Navigating Business Intelligence class, and also provides brief instructions for hands-on activities during the class.

EBS N100: Introduction to EBS

  • Introduces the Enterprise Business Systems.
  • How to access the portal.
  • Basic portal navigation.

EBS-N400: Use and Run Standard Reports

  • Define Business Intelligence (BI).
  • Identify the primary benefits of BI.
  • Navigate the Cognos Connection Portal.
  • Run EBS standard reports.
  • Use prompts to customize reports.
  • Use various options for report outputs, such as saving and scheduling.

Frequently Asked Questions

View this document to read FAQ related to the EBS Business Intelligence System. Note: this is a list of FAQ that are broad in scope of the BI system; for more detailed FAQ please visit the support pages listed to the left.

Quick Guides

Reference Guides

  • Business Intelligence System Overview: Provides an overview of the layout, views, preferences and search tool in the BI system.
  • Data and Applications: Information on the MSU Enterprise Data Warehouse, accessing data and using sensitive data.
  • Exporting to Excel: Explains how to configure Internet Explorer so that you do not have to hold the Control (Ctrl) key when exporting BI reports to Excel.
  • Running Reports: Information on accessing reports in the BI system, prompt page basics and prompt types, and report outputs. 
  • Saving and Emailing Reports: Information and instructions on how to save or email reports.
  • Scheduling Reports: Information and instructions on scheduling reports.